Find of the Times: Vintage Italian Air Force Cups

LO_ItalianAirforceCoffee_1_mediumYou know those times when you go out looking for one thing and end up completely obsessed with something  different? Well, those times happen to me all the time. Too often, Hal would tell you. He’d tell me that too, but I would most likely pretend not to hear him.

In any case,  yesterday we left the house to do some art hunting at one of our favorite local haunts. While nothing jumped off the walls at me, I ran across this wonderful set of 1950s Italian Air Force cups and saucers. With their basic simplicity, they combine my love of all things Italian with my out of control lust for blue and white table top items.

Joseph Aldrich for Italian Stuff

“Produced by some of Italy’s most traditional suppliers, these pieces were intended for use in the Officer’s dining halls of the Italian Air Force. Imbued with the relaxed elegance and the impeccable quality that are the hallmarks of Italian design, each piece bears the logo of the Aeronautica Militare – the Air Force of the Italian Republic. ”  (via

Given our home’s current state of remodel disarray, these gems did not make it home with me. I should say, these gems did not make it home with me YESTERDAY.  The week  is still young and with my birthday approaching, I have but one thing to say;

“Coffee anyone?”

[ Images via Posh Chicago and Joseph Aldrich]

Well, THAT’S an Idea!

It’s July? Already? How did that happen?

That’s a rhetorical question, by the way;  I totally know how it happened.

Someone (who shall remain nameless, dear readers) decided that it would be a stunning idea to remodel our Palm Springs home in April and May. “Before it gets too hot”, they said. It actually seemed quite logical at the time. What they (or anyone else) didn’t count on was the arrival of an early summer, which brought temperatures consistently well above one hundred degrees.

“But it’s a dry heat”, you will say.

“Is it?”, I shall question back, “Is it REALLY?”

Issues about the weather aside, this whole process has been quite a learning experience. Oh, the things I have learned about what goes into remodeling! Starting with  plethora of flooring choices, running through defining the perfect white, scooting by more cabling and technical issues than i care to know about and hopefully ending up at a workable space plan and “load in” scheme. I certainly wouldn’t be the first person to want to write a book about the past few months – and we’re not even starting from a point of “knowing nothing”(Being involved in the shelter and design world does afford a certain level of awareness and access, after all.)

Naivety, thy name is Joseph.

In any case, as we head into July with the end of Phase 1 in sight (“it’s always twice as long and twice as expensive as you planned”, my daughter is fond of reminding me. Inherited sass, indeed!) there is light at the end of the tunnel. The final stages are being put to the calendar.

Unfortunatly, at the end of the tunnel is where that light is going to have to stay for now; it’s 109 degrees out and I’m not moving.

Joseph Aldrich Favorite Things

[ Images via The Interweb ]

A Life in Print!

bask SP15_JAldrich_Cover_LowOkay, so if you haven’t picked up a copy of the Spring 2015  issue of Orange County’s own Bask Magazine, here is a copy of a lil’ something I put together for their “Bask Style” section.

Needless to say,  I’m thrilled to add anything even remotely approaching fashion editorial to my CV. So, stay tuned Happy Campers, as things are getting quite busy here!

(Which also helps to explain why it’s been a bit since my last posting. But hey, let’s focus on the positives, shall we?)


bask SP15_JAldrich_P_low






[ Original Images via Bask Magazine ]