It’s All About Marilyn

With Summer sitting in the rear view mirror, “Operation Reinvent” our Palm Springs house is (finally) wrapping up. Well, as much as it will ever really be “done”.

I mean, really, do you not know me?

I am, however, now officially in the market for the perfect set of dining room chairs. What we had just wasn’t/isn’t working any more. It happens. I’m OK with it. “Change is good”, as they say! As such, I’ve turned into a complete chair stalker; every seat I see gets judged. Harshly, too, I might add. It’s not every chair that can be comfortable for two tall men, yet elegant enough – but not TOO elegant. Is there such a thing as “comfortable eclectic”? Is that a thing yet? Can it become one?

My current favorite seat – and by favorite I mean the standard against which all others are measured. Literally – is this snappy Marilyn arm chair I spied on a recent trip to Market in Las Vegas. I was at the Global Views showroom celebrating the lovely and fun Julia Buckingham‘s new line for them when this chair caught my eye across the floor. Very much on trend in it’s acrylic material, Marilyn’s more classic style pushes it towards traditional. It was, I dare say, love at first sight. Given it’s slightly steep price point, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be an unrequited love affair. But a guy can dream, right?


[ Original Image via Global Views ]

“Traveling Man”; Joseph Aldrich for Bask Magazine

Joseph Aldrich writes Mens Style

[ Original Image via Bask Magazine ]

Find of the Times: Vintage Italian Air Force Cups

LO_ItalianAirforceCoffee_1_mediumYou know those times when you go out looking for one thing and end up completely obsessed with something  different? Well, those times happen to me all the time. Too often, Hal would tell you. He’d tell me that too, but I would most likely pretend not to hear him.

In any case,  yesterday we left the house to do some art hunting at one of our favorite local haunts. While nothing jumped off the walls at me, I ran across this wonderful set of 1950s Italian Air Force cups and saucers. With their basic simplicity, they combine my love of all things Italian with my out of control lust for blue and white table top items.

Joseph Aldrich for Italian Stuff

“Produced by some of Italy’s most traditional suppliers, these pieces were intended for use in the Officer’s dining halls of the Italian Air Force. Imbued with the relaxed elegance and the impeccable quality that are the hallmarks of Italian design, each piece bears the logo of the Aeronautica Militare – the Air Force of the Italian Republic. ”  (via

Given our home’s current state of remodel disarray, these gems did not make it home with me. I should say, these gems did not make it home with me YESTERDAY.  The week  is still young and with my birthday approaching, I have but one thing to say;

“Coffee anyone?”

[ Images via Posh Chicago and Joseph Aldrich]