Luxe Life in Orange County.

There are days when you schedule meetings with your media partners and you go to a nice office where a lovely receptionist offers you coffee or water. (“coffee, very black please” is my de facto response for those who may care.)

Then there are days when you schedule meetings with your media partners and you go an event, because everyone is scattered and busy,  thereby eliminating any other meeting time! Naturally, this is also the time when your picture turns up on said partner’s event round up. These are the times when you must remind people:

“It’s work people”. Really.

Thanks for the lovely photo Luxe Interiors + Design, Southern California!


| Photo via Luxe Interiors + Design/Sandow Media |

Man Crush 2014: Thom Felicia.

AmericanBeauty_R1One day in May (the very first, to be exact!), I went to “this thing” at “this place” down in Stamford, CT (the story of my life, I realize), intent upon seeing the wonderful Stacey Bewkes from Quintessence  Q&A with design and style icon Thom Felicia.

In full disclosure, it’s worth noting that Mr. Felicia and I have crossed paths more than once here in the New York Metro Area. A true working professional, he is very accessible and visible within the shelter industry.  Also in full disclosure, being from Southern California, I have been trained to be quite blase about anything even remotely resembling celebrity. (Technically,  I am successful at this only about 95% of the time…).

In any case, it was quite “business as usual” as I pre-ordered his book  “American Beauty”, which chronicles the renovation of his home in Upstate New York. Being a collector of design books with an ever growing adoration of our all-American lifestyle here in the North East, I immediately became enraptured with Mr. Felicia’s thoughts on life, style and renovation. Being a witness to Southern California’s almost ‘Scorched Earth” approach to housing and development, I’m immediately enamored with anyone who favors smart living and preservation. Immediately.

Thusly, in short, I developed a complete man-crush on the guy! (Sorry John Robshaw!)

Which is why, when presented the opportunity (along with the aforementioned Ms. Bewkes!), I snapped a selfie. I mean, really, at this point in 2014 what could possible be more American?


photo 1_Fotor_20140602

photo 2_Fotor_20140602

An Inside Job with Interiors, CA.

So, you’re at an event in Laguna Niguel visiting with your friend Robert Spurlock, who owns and runs the Gina B. Showroom in said same city, talking about how there was a memo about “Purple Tie Day”, when you hear;

“Gentlemen, turn this way please”

You oblige, naturally.

Next thing you know your “B*tch stole my look” moment shows up in the Spring 2014 issue of Interiors, CA magazine.

What else is there to do but  smile and say “Thanks for the love Modern Luxury Media!”



| Image via Modern Luxury Media/Interiors, CA |