What I Did on My Summer Vacation…

And by “Summer Vacation”, I mean July and August.

Anyone who keeps tabs on me at all knows it’s been an extremely busy year over at The Cypress Group. Spring was a blur and the Summer months didn’t offer any respite. Even September came in with a bang! It really is the loveliest conundrum to be had, and I’m ever so thankful to be in such a predicament! Needless to say, I was (once again) remiss in attending to La Vida Aldrich. I shall, now, endeavor to correct it all!

That all having been said, I did manage to turn 49 in August. Better yet, I managed to turn 49 in London! It was a swell trip, to be sure. I hadn’t been in years upon years and Hal had never been. We hit all the “top 10″ tourist destinations, as well as some not so standard. Some, for those on the know, where actually quite ‘magical’. (Yes, that’s an inside joke!).

So, stay tuned for what La Vida Aldrich proffers up. After all, we do have a bit of catching up to do now, don’t we?






Stuff I Like: Anything from Henry Gregory!

IMG_0348My fascination with  vintage men’s sporting and haberdashery is quite well known.  Perhaps it’s some gut reaction to my not so sporting youth, or maybe a simple nod to ages when life was more elegant. I’ve stopped trying to figure it out. It is, as they say, what it is.

Thus, one can only imagine my delight when, having been forced off the sidewalks of London’s Portobello Road Market, to find myself inside Henry Gregory Antiques and Vintage. It was as if all my wants and future wish lists had been dumped in one place – just for me! My own personal closet of “go to objects” as it might be! So infatuated was I with this boutique, that Hal and I actually planned a return trip on a day when the crowds were much thinner. (As you may or may not know, the famous market is in high effect on Saturdays and many of the shops that line the street carry odd opening hours. Thankfully, Henry Gregory offers passionate shoppers the ability to indulge ‘off days’.)

We soon found ourselves in this fabulous shop the day after my birthday, a fact that was NOT coincidental by any means! Hal and I then spent quite a bit of time choosing the one item that would be 1) a manageable reminder of our trip, as well as b) serve as a finishing piece for my ‘mandashery’ back home. The choices, really, were quite overwhelming. From vintage rowing hats, to very antique fencing masks, more than a few flasks and one incredible traveling bar, there were so many fascinating pieces to consider. We finally choose a silver rowing trophy from August of 1886: a few years before my birth and a bit more before this trip. It was, the most logical and fitting piece at that moment.

But worry not, I”m more than convinced there will be other moments!






Luxe Life in Orange County.

There are days when you schedule meetings with your media partners and you go to a nice office where a lovely receptionist offers you coffee or water. (“coffee, very black please” is my de facto response for those who may care.)

Then there are days when you schedule meetings with your media partners and you go an event, because everyone is scattered and busy,  thereby eliminating any other meeting time! Naturally, this is also the time when your picture turns up on said partner’s event round up. These are the times when you must remind people:

“It’s work people”. Really.

Thanks for the lovely photo Luxe Interiors + Design, Southern California!


| Photo via Luxe Interiors + Design/Sandow Media |