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This past weekend, my social media feeds were ablaze with all the comings and goings out at Modernism Week in Palm Springs. While we had originally planned to be attending this year’s events, The Fates interceded and it just didn’t come to pass.  Never to mind, as there is always next year.

JNA Palm Springs All the hullabaloo, however, did cause me to rewind to my first Modernism experience in 2010. Modernism in 2010 was a tad smaller in its’ scope,  a bit more intimate in its’ feel and a little less frenzied in its’ pace than 2015.  In addition to the stellar collectors exhibition and sale, there was a fashion event that year that was a show stopper, as well as the fabulous vintage Air Stream display at a fresh Ace Hotel. It was, for us at that time, a lovely stroll around our own Palm Springs. Naturally, the week has since surged in it’s scale and it’s draw. It was only a matter of time. It’s also very just deserved spotlight.

Still, from the cold confines of our snow covered East Coast cottage, it’s hard not to take a wistful walk down Memory Lane. After all, doesn’t the saying go “you always remember your first time….?”

- jna

Joseph aldrich moderism 2010


Modernism Palm Springs 2010

“Design Dish” with Modern Luxury

Joseph Aldrich Interiors CA


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Stuff I Like: Paul Smith “Starling” Lace Ups.

Paul Smith Starling Now, don’t go telling anyone, but there are some SUPER fun (and quite game-changing) things going on over here in La Vida Aldrich. Between a super active project load at The Cypress Group, a rather adventurous travel schedule, and a dearth of Winter wonderness (also known as snow), January was a whirl. I’d love to go into it more, but suffice it to say, there is neither the time nor the space. All will be revealed in time.

That all having been said, in working on a recent project I happened to be looking at shoes (amazing, right?) and became smitten with these snappy blue “Starling” lace up numbers from Paul Smith. Not the proverbial suede variety, these particular shoes would be a smashing  accent for any Spring event in New York, Newport Beach, San Francisco or Atlanta. Oddly, these happen to be locales fit for Aldrich spotting in 2015.

See how that works?

Paul Smith Starling Shoes

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